Samtani Group

The Samtani Group started business in 1948 with a prestigious departmental showroom named Majula, which was in the business of saris, suitings, and ready-made garments. Currently, it has gone into franchising for other retail garment brands. The group also has more than 50 years of experience in the construction business. They have made several buildings in Kolkata, including high-rise residential apartments, shops, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, offices, and other constructed spaces. Clients include individuals, MNCs, and the central and state government.

In the late 70s, the group started the business of food processing, export of seafood, as well as manufacturing and export of leather handbags and accessories under the company name of Veejay Impex. Today, the company has clients all over the world, including Japan, USA, China, Middle East, and South-east Asia.

The group has also been in the hospitality business since the early 90s. It is the owner of 2 boutique hotels and a guest house in south Kolkata named The Samilton, Roland Hotel, and Emerald Suites. It also runs and operates several F&B outlets, the most popular being its Pepper Chino restaurant.